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Let us show you a day in your optimized home, and you’ll see how our tech can work for you.

6 AM

You hear the alarm and your lights brighten slowly, giving you a relaxing wake-up/start of your day. Your favorite talk show is already queued up and the blinds have opened, allowing daylight to pour in.

Image by Liz Vo


You make your coffee and prepare for the day ahead. Your favorite morning podcast follows you as you move through your morning routine. Your house knows you’re leaving and sets the thermostat to appropriate levels. 


As you leave for work, you give the simple command to shut down your home. Your security system arms as the shades go down, the doors lock, and your thermostat resets.


You return from work, ready to relax. Your home knows that you have arrived and the security system shuts off as your evening playlist turns on and your shades open, catching the evening light. 

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
Smart Home System


You put on a movie or game to watch over dinner and the lights shift to optimize your view. All of your streaming services are easily available and all displays in your house are in sync. 

Image by Mollie Sivaram


You’re ready for bed. The lights dim, providing you with a tranquil atmosphere as you settle in for the night while your security system arms and morning alarm sets. 

Image by Khadeeja Yasser
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